Shipping and Return Policy


FBHI Mall will verify all order payments before processing. Electronic gift cards will be delivered once order payment is verified, normally within 24 hours. Physical Gift cards will be delivered to shipping address between 7 to 10 working days (excluding weekends) after purchase and up to 14 working days if International. 

Return Policy

FBHI Mall’s return, refund, and exchange policy are limited to 7 business days from the date that you received your item. If you find you have received a defective item please contact us on [email protected] and include detailed photos. FBHI Mall will then asses whether the product for eligible for a return, refund or exchange.

FBHI Mall only accepts returns requests initiated by the person who had purchased them. Transferred gift cards / 3rd party claims cannot and will not be processed. If you had received a gift card/certificate from a friend as a gift and wish to return it, you would have to inform the person who had purchased the gift card/certificate to begin the return process.